• The Book Whisperers C.I.C.

    Where words and community come together

  • "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

    - Dr Seuss

    The Beginning of a Literary Movement: The Birth of The Book Whisperers

    Once upon a time in March 2020, amidst the chaos of a pandemic, three intrepid authors - Lea Taylor, Mary Turner Thomson, and Susan Cohen - embarked on a grand quest to transform isolation into inspiration. Fueled by caffeine, and a shared passion for a sausage sandwich and the written word, they forged The Book Whisperers Community to unite writers and readers, kindling the flames of creativity in a world that craved connection.

    As fate would have it, in 2021 our trio crossed paths with the visionary Simon Ellis, a maestro of technology and innovation.


    Together, they breathed life into the Book Whisperers Community Platform, an enchanting haven for aspiring wordsmiths to nurture their craft.


    From its humble beginnings in a bustling garden center, where ideas blossomed over a sausage skirmish, The Book Whisperers has evolved into a thriving Community Interest Company. Our growing literary realm offers live shows, anthologies, writing courses, and a supportive environment where stories unfurl like intricate tapestries, weaving together the dreams of aspiring authors. 

  • The Dream Team: Meet The Book Whisperers' Team

    Together, we're committed to making The Book Whisperers the best

    community it can be for writers and readers everywhere.

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    Mary Turner Thomson

    Managing Director


    Introducing the indomitable Mary Turner Thomson, a wordsmith extraordinaire, and co-founder of The Book Whisperers.


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    Lea Taylor

    Creative Director


    Meet Lea Taylor, the creative goddess and illustrious Creative Director of The Book Whisperers.


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    Simon Ellis

    Technical Director


    Introducing Simon Ellis, the Technical Director and virtuoso behind the Book Whisperers' community platform.


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    Our Magnanimous Mission

    The Book Whisperers CIC exists to nurture the next generation of scribes, with every surplus coin returned to the community, illuminating the path for fledgling storytellers. We've enchanted local schools with projects that empower young minds, kindling their creative spark and bolstering their mental well-being.

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    Living Wage Champions

    In our bookish domain, dignity and respect reign supreme. As a proud Living Wage Employer, we believe in rewarding our diligent crew with fair wages that afford them the life they deserve. Our commitment to ethical practices extends to every chapter of our story, from spirited events and podcasts to our vibrant community.