• Simon Ellis

    Technical Director

    "Unleash your creativity and let technology be your storytelling sidekick. Together, we'll write a future where every story finds its voice and every voice is heard"


    Introducing Simon Ellis, the Technical Director and virtuoso behind the Book Whisperers' community platform. With a treasure trove of experience in innovation, new technology, design, business and technology strategy, mentoring, teamwork, digital transformation, and scenario planning, Simon is the wizard that brings our writing community's dreams to life.


    Simon's journey into the world of technology began as a starry-eyed apprentice, sponsored by BAe and working on next-generation fighter aircraft. His thirst for knowledge led him to work with Oracle and eventually establish his own software company, developing and selling a groundbreaking contract and asset management product.


    Trading in his boots for paws, Simon now holds the title of Head of Architecture at Pets at Home while conjuring up tech-for-good magic with his startup, Optimum Capacity Services. As the team behind our bewitching community platform, they're the secret ingredient that makes the Book Whisperers a technological tour de force.


    Simon's vast knowledge and expertise in technology and enterprise architecture serve as the backbone for the Book Whisperers, ensuring a seamless and spellbinding user experience for all who venture into our literary wonderland.

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