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Raising interest in books by seeing their work in print ...

Books are our passion and promoting their appreciation and creation is our drive.  Research has shown that reading promotes good mental/physical health, can make the world a more tolerant and empathic place, and can even help people to live longer and more interesting lives!  Writing has even more benefits – it develops thought processes, widens vocabulary, improves concentration, and increases productivity – it helps cultivate self-awareness whilst also opening the writer up for more learning opportunities.

Alongside our author platform and the Wonderland Story & Book Festival, The Book Whisperers team of authors, storytellers, illustrators and publishers have decades of experience in working with schools - from running storytelling sessions and author workshops to writers-in-residence and full book-publishing projects. Allowing the children involved to see their work in print and the application of their learning to read and write. There is no feeling in the world like holding your own published book in your hands, and how better to start a lifelong love of books, than at school?

Every project we undertake is bespoke, and has a lifelong impact on the children involved.  So any business that sponsors a book project will be remembered by the students, the teachers, the parents and the whole community for a very long time - with the added bonus that books will remain on their shelves for life. A truly worthwhile investment that will provide goodwill for years to come.

If you are interested in running (or sponsoring) a school project, please get in touch.


Alya Rafiq



"Our school years make up a formative part of our lives and who we become as adults. When I look back at my time at school there are a few events that stick out as more significant than others. For me, one of those instances was when Mary Turner Thomson joined my S2 History class to help us write a book about the Transatlantic Slave Trade [FOUR LINKS IN THE CHAIN].


"The fun parts of this project are easy to remember, us choosing our favourite colour, splitting into groups and creating characters based on them. In a class of 13 year olds, imagining ourselves in the place of the characters we created made the tragedy of this history more tangible and the loss more significant. Though the subject of our particular book was heavy, approaching it in the supportive and team-building environment that Mary and our History teacher built for us made the experience a positive one. Being able to see the fruits of our hard work with our names on the cover was definitely a proud moment in our young lives.


"On a more personal note, the experience of seeing a book’s formation from start to finish was the initial spark of inspiration that led me onto my current career path. At 23 years old now, it has been a decade since I first met Mary Turner Thomson and yet I am continuing the lessons she taught us by pursuing my own career in publishing after studying Scottish literature at university and continuing on to my current Masters degree. As an, obviously, big fan of books having Mary teach us about the publishing process all those years ago was like getting to peak behind a curtain that only adults were allowed past. I’m sure the majority of people would consider creating a book to be beyond the means of a group of 13 year olds but throughout the experience I cannot remember Mary ever doubting our abilities or demonstrating anything but utter faith in what we could achieve. The confidence this inspired is something I think every young person should get to experience and I definitely consider myself lucky that I was able to."


Alison Noble

Head Teacher
Sciennes Primary School


"Participating in this project has been a terrific example of A Curriculum for Excellence.  Our P7 pupils have responded with great enthusiasm and been fully engaged in all the wonderful active learning experiences.  


Many of the ambitions of the new curriculum have been reflected in this opportunity to work in partnership with an author.  


The children have gained a very good understanding of the process of writing through to publishing and they have further developed their literacy skills including communication, creativity and critical thinking.


Working with Mary Turner Thomson has enriched and enhanced learning and provided an opportunity for our pupils to develop an enterprising approach and skills for life."

Grant Gilles
Head Teacher
Dalry Primary School


 “We have worked together with Mary on five projects now. She is an inspiration and someone who just gets things done. When you talk to Mary you might have had an idea in your head for ages and not realised it was there. Very quickly she inspires the thoughts to pop out!


She manages projects from initial conversations to fruition. Our pupils have benefited massively from working with her and at this year’s P7 assembly I asked who had published a book. A simple question I suppose but not one you would normally ask an audience of 12 year olds. Almost every child put their hand up! This is Mary’s real legacy, making dreams come alive!”


Winning the Creative Schools Award is a reflection of all the people who have worked with our school. Mary is a massive part of that and she definitely deserves credit for getting us the award!” 

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