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"Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see you “live” on a Monday night, as it clashes with a zoom meeting for a show I’m going to be in later this year (was meant to be July, but now postponed until “probably November”). However I am really enjoying watching your “sessions” the next day.

I did have a few writing projects that I needed to do at this point in time and I’m on the way to realising those (a monologue for performance, hopefully in the autumn and an article for a magazine about my kokeshi collection) but I have also been inspired to write in other genres like poetry and memoir and note down ideas for characters and short skits that I want to develop."

(Beverley Webster, April 2020)

"The course gently unfurls revealing each of the weekly milestones amid a backdrop of raucous fun, laughter, inspiration and invaluable insight. B x"


"Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter, frivolity and mischief to Monday evenings. B x 😁😁" 

(Betsy Anderson, April 2020)

"The best writing course that I've ever done!"

(Ali Leach, April 2020)

"The course has inspired me to pick up my pen again and launch my witterings on an unsuspecting, but (extremely) captive audience. Raise high the vino glasses, Whisperers!"

(Malcolm Milne, April 2020)

"Nothing but praise for the 3 of you!✔️✨  Giving your time, effort, encouragement, support, humour and push to help folk take that step, gain that confidence, share that talent and put it out there. What a gift! Thank you❤️💕"

(Margery Bambrick, April 2020)

"Lea, Susan and Mary share their passion for writing. Their gift of time and how to/can do suggestions are inspiring." 

(Liza Miles, April 2020)