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It is with great excitement that we are officially open for entries for the latest Book Whisperers collective book called 'Once Upon Another Time - a festive anthology'. We are looking for a variety of works from short stories (maximum word limit of 1,000 words please), poetry or illustrations. The theme of the book is winter / festive / Christmas but your story may wish to highlight the macabre nature of commercialism, celebrate the joys of family, be modern fairytale or pantomime. We are looking for comedy, tragedy, fantasy, romance, Christmas cheer or Christmas dinner in the dog house. We know you can deliver and we can't wait to see what you've got!


The deadline for entries will be December 1st.


'Once Upon Another Time' will be published on the 14th of December and will be available for sale. What a great gift idea for Christmas! To cover administration and publishing costs we are asking for a small donation of £10 per submission piece. Please feel free to post your ideas in our Facebook group (see link here) for support and feedback from our community. We look forward to reading your offerings! Happy writing!


All members of the website can submit an entry for consideration. Any piece that is not accepted for publication will be returned with feedback and editorial comment.

Just submit your entry via the form below - ideally with your £10 donation.  Word count is limited to 1000 max and by submitting this form you agree to the work being published in this book. No royalties will be paid for any of the stories and any profit from the book sales will go back into The Book Whisperers CIC. 


We are asking for a small (£10) donation per submission to help cover the publishing costs (including our time, the layout, publishing etc). Press the yellow 'DONATE' button, and PayPal will open in another window. Then return to this window to complete your submission.

For those of you who are feeling generous and would like to provide a little extra donation to allow low-income authors to submit stories as well - please just add a bit extra onto the amount.


Everything donated is very gratefully received - and will go towards the production of this book.

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I agree to this piece being published in ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME with my name accredited. I agree that there will be no royalties or remuneration for this piece of work. All proceeds from the sale of ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME are to be put into The Book Whisperers CIC. I understand that The Book Whisperers are under no obligation to use this piece in ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME, but if used they can make small edits as required (such as spelling corrections) as long as it does not significantly impact the piece. Whether or not this piece of work is published in ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME it will not be used by The Book Whisperers for any other purpose unless given specific prior permission.

Thanks for submitting!

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