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“Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference. They don’t have to make speeches. Just believing is usually enough.” — Stephen King

Being an author can be a lonely profession and can be filled with anxiety and uncertainty.  Sometimes it is just you and your story and it is hard to know if the words will resonate with others. The Book Whisperers are wanting to change that.  We are setting up a digital platform for writers, authors and readers to connect with each other - to be able to reach out and talk to others about the subjects that they are most passionate about. To share learning, benchmark success, or just to have an online chat about a ditty that made them laugh. It will be a place where you can find the answers to your questions, connect with people who will help you along with your writing career, and ultimately be somewhere you can launch and promote your books.  All with the chance for new writers to be discovered and published as well.

Each member (whether free or paid) will have their own profile on our platform, which will allow them to showcase their work. We are asking a select number of people to fill in this form below to find out what you might want from membership of The Book Whisperers online platform. By completing this form you are allowing us to use this information to create some sample profiles for the software - to test how those profiles will appear etc. So please answer these questions honestly about your own experiences and the level of writing you are currently at. 

We are currently looking at three types of membership: 


Someone who loves to read and has a desire to write; possibly would like to develop their craft of writing (either for self, for mental health, for publishing or work); would like to meet other like-minded members of the reading/writing community.


Someone who already puts pen to paper but wants to learn more about writing, develop their craft, gain confidence, make connections; you may have published or self-published a book/books already or considered performance poetry etc.


Someone who is currently working full or part-time as an author, or supporting authors. For example editors, agents, writing coaches, typesetters, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, publishers, accountants, etc. People who might like to use our platform to connect with writers and readers (access to a shop and calendar to promote your own services and/or events)

What type of membership would you be most interested in? (See descriptions above)
How would you categorise yourself at the moment? (Can click more than one!)
So that we can connect you with other members with similar interests - what type of books do you read/write? (Click as many as you like.)
We can see lots of advantages for writers and authors who join our platform - but would like to know what you think matters most. What would most attract you to join as a member? (Click as many as you like.)
We are currently thinking of providing WHISPER membership at no cost, with a small monthly fee for the other memberships. What do you think is fair for WRITER membership?
What would you think was fair for AUTHOR / PROFESSIONAL membership
So we can connect our members to age appropriate content -what is your age?

Thanks for helping us with this research and we hope you will be inspired to join us for our launch!

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