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Foundation Course

Six weeks to get you started

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We cooked up this lovely idea to share our new six week FOUNDATION writing course, free of charge, for people to inspire and create wonderful things with words. This is going to be a place to share ideas and get inspiration to write down those stories. We're even thinking about publishing a book called 'Stir Crazy' with contributions from any member of the group that wants to get published - about the mad things that happen to us and the ways of coping with self-isolation. If that's something you are interested in just let us know! Really the principle here is to have fun and to use the time we have in isolation productively. We are passionate about all things story and book related so I am really looking forward to getting to know you all!

We are all very new to this online platform and so please bear with us if there are any teethings issues!  We will rise to any technological challenges as they come up so do let us know of any 'tweaks' we need to make!

Welcome to The Book Whisperers - this course is free but to protect our copyright we are requesting that you sign up and download the material (rather than us putting it on the Facebook platform).  This also allows us to find out a little about what genre of writing you are interested in finding out more about (thereby helping us develop future courses as well). 

Please sign up or log in using the button in the top right hand corner, above the menu.

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