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Memoir Writing Six Week Starter Course

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The wonderful Maya Angelou famously said, ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,’ and I thoroughly agree. However, the actual ‘writing’ of a memoir is really the last stage of a project, not the first. You have to do a lot before you can write a memoir, not least you have to experience something to write about! So I am going to break this course down into six steps with exercises along the way.

Writing is an incredibly cathartic thing to do. Reading has been shown to have massive benefits - it can encourage empathy, decrease stress, reduce cognitive decline, stave off dementia, boost happiness, and reduce some of the symptoms of depression. More than that, reading can actually make you LIVE longer!  Imagine that your book can do all of that for the people reading it!

Writing is also shown to have healing properties. By helping people to manage and learn from negative experiences, writing can strengthen the immune systems as well as the mind. New research suggests that expressive writing may even offer physical benefits to people battling illnesses – including life-threatening diseases. Putting pen to paper can be a fantastic stress reliever and can help with PTSD as the individuals process their thoughts and emotions. Put simply, writing down one’s feelings can gradually ease emotional trauma.

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Therefore, not only can memoir writing help you emotionally, mentally and physically but it could also help each person that reads your story in the same way!  To me that meant everything as it meant my experience hadn't been wasted and something good had come out of it.  

Mary Turner Thomson - Author of

The Bigamist - the true story of a husbands ultimate betrayal

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